Ritual Response 95


Response 95 is the ultimate high-performance mid-bow stick. Not as aggressive as the late bow designs but with enough curve for modern skills, its specifically designed for more upright players, with a smooth 24mm curve running the entire length of the shaft. Like the Velocity, Response 95 is an elite all-rounder stick, suitable for any position on the field. It features a thicker handle, larger edge hitting zone, rectangular sides and solid, triple wall construction. This particular model is the top of the range. It’s forged from the finest Kevlar, fibreglass and 95% premium Japanese carbon fibre. A blend of modern curve and traditional handling.

The triple wall construction has excellent lateral and torsional stiffness generating faster ball speeds and a stick for all-around use. Suitable for all playing positions and especially suited to more upright players looking for a stick with traditional handling characteristics and style plus a performance edge.

Features :

    540g Weight
    385mm Balance Point

    24mm Bow Height

    300mm Mid Bow Point

    45° angle

    115mm length

    25.3mm thick

    Silica face

    31mm thick

    Vapor Pro Grip

    AntiShock Foam

    95% Carbon

    5% Kevlar

Category: Ritual

Type: Senior Sticks

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